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Why You Should Travel To London during Easter Holidays

Why You Should Travel To London during Easter Holidays

London during Easter Holidays

London is wonderful place to spend the Easter holidays. If you are wondering about where you should travel to during this upcoming Easter, then you should as well make London your destination. London has age-old traditions that people from other parts of the world come to share in during these holidays and it will always be a wonderful four days of eating lots of chocolates, sumptuous meals, drinks and soaking in English cultures that have been around for several generations. Here are some of the reasons why London is the best place to be during Easter holidays-:

The London Easter Egg Hunts

This is popular event that happens in London every Easter. It is an all-inclusive event both adults and children will find interesting. It features street performers, magicians, and face painters for children and their parents alike. During the festival, you go an egg hunt, during which you will learn about London’s history at the Hampton Court Palace and in various English Heritage properties. You can also follow the Easter trail at Kew Gardens and hunt for hidden treasures at WWT London Wetland Center.

Enjoy Easter Chocolates

If you love chocolates, then Easter in London is what you need to indulge in beautifully crafted chocolates from hundreds of exhibitors in London. Eating chocolates is so popular during Easter and you will find lots of shops with any probable type of chocolate you can ever think of. Your duty is to enjoy as much as you want, and you won’t have to worry about the cost because it is all free.

Easter Holidays

Watch the Harness Horse Ride

This is an annual event slated for every Easter Monday. It is an awesome opportunity to see working horses including Harrods and Friesians. The London Harness Horse Parade normally happen in West Sussex which is just a few minutes by train and it is one of the strong Easter traditions in the entire world.

London Easter Sunday Lunch

The Sunday lunch is another tradition worth travelling to London during Easter. This is a time to enjoy one of London’s best roasts in the company of natives. There are lots of traditional pubs dedicated to making a memorable roast for this particular lunch and it something that Londoners look forward to every year. After the heavy lunch, you can drop by in any of the riverside pubs for a refreshing drink as you enjoy the beautiful sceneries beyond the river banks.

Enjoy family activities at the many London Attractions

If you are travelling with your family to London for Easter, then you will be delighted to know there is something for everyone to enjoy. Most of the major attractions will always have a special events for children during the Easter holidays. Egg hunts or egg decorative activities are some of the popular things you can expect to entertain your children with. You can also go for the London Pass which will treat you and your family to lots of sightseeing without spending a lot of money. With the pass, you will have the chance to try lots of activities with the whole family and even visit multiple sites without spending a fortune.

London during Easter Holidays


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