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Aberdeen City in Scotland


Aberdeen is famous for the Royal family’s holiday home at Balmoral and some of the oldest whiskey distilleries in the world.



  • Balmoral Castle- Balmoral has been the holiday home of the Royal Family since 1852. Visitors can enter the castle’s ballroom and gardens to enjoy the brilliant Scottish architecture and views. The castle is unavailable for public view during August, September and October, when the Royal Family are present.


  • Aberdeen Art Gallery- Home to some of the finest art collections in Britain, some dating as far back as the 15th century, Aberdeen Art Gallery is at the heart of Aberdeen city. It has a range of exhibitions and an art shop.


  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation- The WDC has two wildlife centres in Scotland. The Scottish waters are full of seals, dolphins and mink whales, among many more exciting sea creatures.


  • Satrosphere Science Centre - Satrosphere is a fun and interactive way for the whole family to learn about science. With 22 years’ experience in educating the community, it’s a great day out for everyone.


  • Loch Muick Reserve - This Loch is full of walking routes and is part of the Balmoral estate. It offers breathtaking views and highland experience that will never be forgotten.


  • Fyvie Castle - One of many castles to explore in Aberdeen, Fyvie Castle dates back to the 13th century. Admire the fairy tale building and gaze upon the armour, tapestries and artwork within.


  • The Glenfiddich Distillery - Home to the most awarded single malt whisky in the world, the Glenfiddich Distillery is in the heart of the highlands. Enjoy a guided tour of the distillery where visitors can learn how the whisky is made and finish with a tasting session.




Aberdeen is a place of beauty and mystery. It can serve as a romantic getaway, a holiday for the family or just a place to gain complete tranquillity. The city and shire are packed full of Scottish history, art and culture that’s just waiting to be explored. Even though it’s known for the Royal Family’s holiday home at Balmoral, there are countless more historical castles to visit and learn about. The city is full of galleries and museums that have pieces that have lasted decades and will truly amaze.


It’s easy to entertain the family at places like Satrosphere and the Whale and Dolphin conservation and taking a hike through stunning scenery has never been easier. Aberdeen is full of outdoor sports and activity days. Many of the restaurants use locally produced ingredients so the food on offer in Aberdeen is equally as pleasing as the surroundings and the community always welcome visitors. It wouldn’t be a trip to Scotland without visiting one of the infamous Lochs they have there and once seen, they are never forgotten. Aberdeen is a trip of a lifetime that will stay in your heart forever.


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