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Edinburgh Capital of Scotland



Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and has Scotland’s most famous street, ‘The Royal Mile’. It is well known for its theatres and art festivals.




  • Edinburgh Castle - This is a must see for anyone visiting Edinburgh. It sits on the top of Castle Rock and peers down over the city so it’s pretty difficult to miss. Dating back as far as the 11th century, Edinburgh Castle is one of Scotland’s greatest landmarks and houses the Scottish Crown Jewels. It is open 9.30am to 6pm daily.


  • The Scotch Whisky Experience - Visitors can learn all about how this famous beverage is made and take part in a tasting session. It gives a real feel of great Scottish heritage.


  • Edinburgh Zoo - This can be a great trip for all of the family. The Zoo is home to hundreds of exotic animals and is set up in the Scottish hillside where endangered species can safely be cared for.


  • The Real Mary King’s Close - This tour is not for the faint of heart. It explores Edinburgh’s Old Town and takes visitors down the cobbled streets of a past Scotland. It’s exciting and haunting at the same time.


  • The Edinburgh Dungeon - This is great fun for all ages. The Dungeon tour begins with a sentencing from the judge and then visitors are taken through a series of tales and rides while being introduced to the ghosts of William Wallace and Mary King. It’s an adrenaline rush no-one is likely to forget. A family ticket is just £32.00.


  • National Museum of Scotland - As one of the top attractions in Scotland, the museum welcomes visitors from all over the world regularly. Visitors can learn about the history of Scotland, world culture and discover things they never knew before. The museum is open all year round.




Edinburgh is the best place to go to get a real sense of Scottish history. While there, visitors will be thoroughly entertained as well as educated. The city buzzes with people all year round and the shops and restaurants are a main attraction for anyone in Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle is a majestic piece of art sat directly above the city centre and successfully blends Edinburgh’s modern city style with thrilling Scottish heritage.

All ages and interests are catered for in the city and visitors will never find themselves bored. The city becomes a hub of art and culture during the festivals it holds but amazing attractions are available all year round. The National Museum of Scotland is a wonderful tool for art and history enthusiasts and families will love the Edinburgh Dungeon tour. Adults will have great fun at the Scotch Whisky Experience and Edinburgh Zoo is just a stone’s throw away. A visit to Edinburgh isn’t just a holiday; it’s an experience that will last a lifetime.

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