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Oxford City in England

Oxford is well known as a university town and is bursting with brilliant architecture and culture.




  • Bodleian Library - The Library is home to thousands of pieces of literature and visitors can take self-guided tours daily. Visit the wonderful Divinity School and explore Duke Humfrey’s library while there. Visitors should keep in mind that the Bodleian Library is a working library and therefore some sections may be restricted.


  • Oxford Official Walking Tour - There is a selection of walking tours that visitors can take to get an authentic feel for this historic town. Tours such as the University and City tour, the Inspector Morse tour and Pottering in Harry’s footsteps tour are popular with first time visitors. Prices vary for each tour.


  • Oxford Castle - This a great learning experience for the entire family. Visitors can climb St Georges Tower, brave the 900 year old crypt and take a look at the prison D wing, along with much more. The castle is open 10am to 5pm daily and prices for adults are £9.25.


  • Ashmolean Museum - This is one of the leading museums in the world and it houses objects from pre-dynastic Egypt right up to the 20th century. It’s an educational and fascinating experience for the whole family. Admission is free and there is a gift shop onsite.


  • Oxford Botanic Garden - The Botanic Gardens at Oxford are home to over 7,000 different species and they are the UK’s oldest gardens. Along with admiring the beauty, visitors will also be able to catch many events taking place there throughout the whole year. Opening times vary through the seasons but a day ticket is just £4.50.


  • The Randolph Spa - Found on Beaumont Street, The Randolph Spa is perfect for anyone looking for a spot of relaxation. Although the Spa is right in the middle of Oxford, the hustle and bustle of outside will disappear immediately. Visitors can make use of the Sauna, Jacuzzi, Sensation shower and Ice Fountain, to name but a few.




Oxford is a place of deep history, wonderful architecture and a dash of mystery. Visitors will be astounded by the amount of attractions that will suit the whole family and inspired by the sights surrounding them. Adults and children will enjoy the walking tours that are on offer and will easily learn about Oxford culture and the many well-loved characters that have flourished there. A visit to Oxford’s castle will give any thrill seeker exactly what they’re looking for and the Ashmolean Museum is bound to have something to perk every interest.

When all is said and done, visitors can relax with a trip to The Randolph Spa and come away feeling refreshed and revitalised. There are plenty of great places to stay in Oxford and its home to some of the best restaurants in Central England. Many visitors say that Oxford is a place no-one can visit just once because everyone wants to return.

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