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York is a city that’s famous for its exceptional sense of history and bustling shopping streets.




  • York Minster - Open: Monday – Saturday, 9.00am – 5.00pm, Sunday 12.30pm – 5pm. Entry Fees: Adult £10.00. Ticket is valid for unlimited visits for a year.

  • Yorkshire Museum - Open: Daily 10.00am – 5.00pm. Entry Fees £7.50 Adult. Ticket is valid for unlimited visits for a year.

  • The Shambles - Open:  9,00am – 5.30pm. Entry Fees: Free.

  • The Grand Opera House - Open: Show times vary Entry Fees: Ticket prices vary.

  • Rowntree Park - Open: 7.00am – dusk. Entry Fees: Free.

  • York Wall - Open: All the time. Entry Fees: Free.




York is an ancient city, first built by the Romans. It’s so in touch with its past that you can still walk the ancient city walls. They provide a tremendous view, and if you go all the way around, it will take about two hours. On the way you can see the five original bars, or gates, one Victorian gate, one mini gate, called a postern, and forty-five towers.


Continue your sense of history by visiting two places: York Minster and The Shambles. York Minster is a huge, awe inspiring place of worship. It’s a cathedral, one of the largest of its kind in Europe and it was built in part in the fourteenth century. The Shambles is a tiny shopping street, still used, that has buildings that go back as far as the fourteenth century, too. They overhang and lean towards one another drunkenly.


More shopping can be done in the high street shops. All the brands that you would expect can be found, along with a healthy sprinkling of discount stores. For a rest and to see a bit of greenery after all that spending, head to Rowntree Park. This is a very nicely laid out 20 acre park, with children’s playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts and lots of green space to stroll in and have a picnic when the weather’s fine.


For culture, visit Yorkshire Museum. It has collections and displays about archaeology, astronomy, biology and geology, amongst others. They even have two stuffed Great Auks, the extinct bird species. It also has a beautiful garden that’s free to visit.

For entertainment, book a ticket for an event at The Grand Opera House. Its unprepossessing entrance isn’t very grand at all, but inside is all the plush seating you could wish for. Shows include not just opera but comedy and dance.

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