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Chichester City in England

With beautiful countryside, beaches with golden sands and historical sites to visit, Chichester is an ideal visiting spot for families.


  • Chichester Festival Theatre - Considered one of the UK’s flagship theatres known for its high quality productions that range from musicals to dramas. Booking information: 01243 781312


  • Arundel Castle - One of the Uk’s oldest inhabited castles with more than 1,000 years of history. Passed down the female side of the family it has remained in private hands for almost all of its life. Open from the end of March until the end of October between 10am and 5pm.


  • Goodwood Racecourse - Five miles north of Chichester, this racecourse is controlled by the family of the Duke of Richmond. The home of the Goodwood festival of speed.Open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.


  • Chichester Cathedral - Located in the heart of Chichester in Sussex and is the seat of the Anglican Bishop of Chichester. Features gothic architecture. Open from 7.15am to 6pm Monday to Friday.


  • Chichester cross - This market cross is in the heart of the city and at the intersection of the four main streets. The cross was built by the Bishop of Chichester during his reign between 1477 and 1503. Made from caen stone and features beautiful columns and butments. Has been used as a market place. Open all year round.




With a history that stretches back to Roman and Anglo saxon times, Chichester features a 12th century Cathedral and is considered a hub for culture in the county. The city also featured Roman baths that were uncovered whilst a car park was excavated - these were preserved as part of the Novium museum.


Located on the River Lavant, Chichester has a number of underground culverts which made it an ideal place for settlement, this river now offers outdoor pursuits and river activities for tourists and locals alike. A conservation area has now been built to highlight 8 character areas within the city that are based around the history and activities carried out.


The city is full of interesting churches and historical sites, in particular the Corn Exchange, one of the first in the country.The city also hosts the Real Ale and Jazz festival and is a favourite for music buffs from around the country.

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