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Inverness City in Scotland

Close to Loch Ness, Inverness City in Scotland is the perfect place to start a Scottish adventure of castles, outdoor pursuits and plenty of Scottish whiskey.




  • Inverness Cathedral - Also known as the Cathedral Church of St Andrew, this building is built of pink sandstone, making it an imposing and beautiful building close to the River Ness. Built in 1869, this gothic style building features two towers and intricately designed stained glass windows. Tea room services available. Opening hours: Various services operate throughout the week starting at 8.15am and  finishing at 5pm.


  • Urquhart Castle - On the banks of Loch Ness, this medieval castle is a major part of Scottish history and is just 15 miles from Inverness. Features a visitors centre and a drawbridge entrance over which you can walk to visit the main castle ruins. The tower house offers a view of the ruin and the Loch beyond (look out for the Loch Ness Monster!). Open daily 9.30am to 6pm.


  • Eden Court Theatre - Lovers of theatre will appreciate this 1976 building that was designed by architects to suit modern music, dance and drama performances. The horseshoe auditorium seats 830 people and can be adapted for different performance types. Open: Monday to saturday from 10am and Sunday from 11am. Closes after the final performance.


  • Inverness Castle - Created from red sandstone, this castle was built in 1836 by the architect William Burn and was built in the place of an 11th century defensive site. Supposedly the 11th century castle was the inspiration for the Shakespeare play Macbeth however the more recent castle is not nearly as dramatic. Now serves as the county hall and council buildings. Tours available, but otherwise not open to public.


  • Aigas Field Centre - Lovers of wildlife will appreciate the study courses and learning holidays offered in the heart of the highlands. Visitors can enjoy the stunning environment, wildlife and landscapes of the surrounding areas. Day courses also available. Pick up service from Inverness available. Book online for courses or days out.




Visitors to Inverness in Scotland can enjoy a fantastic day out for all the family or go further afield to see incredible scenery and outstanding natural habitats and views. From the interior of Inverness Cathedral through to the Loch Ness monster, Inverness is a great place for every type of visitor.


Set on the River Ness, this is one of the most beautiful riverside cities in all of the UK. The city is set up so visitors can enjoy a circular walk alongside the river, taking in all the major points of interest as they go. Events and festivals take place all year round and the museum and art gallery offers a great stopping off point for chilly days.Those who prefer to sit down can enjoy an open-topped bus ride around the city or a cruise down the canal to the famous Loch Ness.

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