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LondonDerry City in Northern Ireland

LondonDerry, more commonly known as simply Derry, LondonDerry is a 6th century city that sits on the banks of the Foyle river in Northern Ireland and is the perfect stopping point for lovers of culture and history.




  • St Columb’s Cathedral - Standing within the Derry Walls, this cathedral is the city’s oldest building. Built in 1628, the cathedral was made from local stone and is a perfect example of Gothic architecture. Various additions have been made over the years including battlements and a tower. Open: Daily from 9am - various times for services.


  • Free Derry Corner - In the Bogside neighbourhood, this area is an historical landmark which commemorates the times when Derry declared itself as an autonomous nationalist area between 1969 and 1972. Other murals memorials on the site are dedicated to 1981 hunger strikers and those who died as part of the Provisional IRA’s Derry brigade. Was also the site of the Battle of Bogside and Bloody Sunday. You can also visit the local museum.


  • Foyle Bridge - A cantilever bridge that is the longest span in all of Ireland at 234 metres. To the north of the city the bridge is used by up to 30,000 vehicles each day. Three other bridges of the same name have existed at the site before this was built.


  • The City Walls - Built between 1613 and 1618 by the Irish Society and are 1.5km around the outside of the original city. Features seven gates and is considered one of the finest examples of city walls in Europe. Open dawn till dusk and tours are available from the visitor centre.


  • Tower Museum - Tells the history of LondonDerry from prehistory to the present and features the shipwreck of the La Trinidad Valencera one of the largest ships of the Spanish Armada. Open Monday to Sunday 10am - 17.30pm.



Described as the friendliest city in Northern Ireland, Derry or “legenderry” as the locals like to describe it was the first UK city of culture in 2013. With a rich heritage and a vibrant nightlife this is a city that will be a perfect destination for all visitors including families. Food lovers will be impressed by its status as the winner of the 2015 Foodie Town awards and it is also considered the very best Halloween destination by US visitors - even beating Transylvania.


Derry is the home of several annual festivals and is situated on the banks of the River Foyle giving the city a number interesting bridges. LondonDerry city is also the only completely walled city in Ireland with the 400 year old walls giving the city an air of history.

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