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Great Britain - Formula 1- How the race unfolded...

How the race unfolded...

All about Silverstone

When you think of British motor racing, be that cars or bikes, one thing will instantly spring to mind. Silverstone. A racing circuit that is world famous, it is one of the most popular locations for the Formula 1 Grand Prix as well as a whole host of other iconic racing events throughout the year.

Coach Hire

Not only is it the location for a number of famous races, but it is also a place where you can unleash your inner racing driver. This is all thanks to the variety of driving experiences that are offered at the circuit, as well as the bring your own car race days.

The track

Silverstone is incredibly famous around the world and is the heart of British racing. 3.661 miles long and with 18 turns, the current record for a race lap is held by Lewis Hamilton (another famous British name) and stands at 1:30:621. It remains to be seen whether or not this record is going to be broken.

Silverstone sees a number of events throughout the year. Most famously is the FIA Formula One British Grand Prix followed by the FIM MotoGP British Grand Prix. Both of which draw a huge crowd and makes for an incredibly exciting and action packed day.

How to get there

European Formula 1 races live with Leger - With fly or travel by coach

Silverstone couldn’t be any better located, as it is found right in the heart of the UK. It is around 90 minutes North of Central London and around 60 minutes south of Birmingham. Driving there is easy as both the M40 and the M1 links to the A43, which takes you directly to the circuit.

If you don't fancy driving to the circuit, then chances are that your first thought will be public transport. Thankfully there are a number of stations that are closely located to Silverstone. This includes Northampton, Banbury and Milton Keynes.

However, if that sounds like too much hard work, then you will be pleased to know that there is another option. Here at London Travel IN limited we are able to provide coach hire. Designed to allow you to travel in style, you can hire one of our spacious and stylish coaches to take you from your chosen leaving point, directly to Silverstone. Best of all, because we have a wide range of vehicles, you will be sure to find the ideal option for the size of your group.

Planning a trip to Silverstone? Want to get there in style and in a whole lot less stress than driving yourself? Why not get in touch with us here at London Travel IN limited? We can help you to find the right transport to get you exactly where you want to be.

Silverstone buses

European Formula 1 races live with Leger. ... With fly or travel by coach options available, whichever package you choose we'll take care of your hotel, tickets

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