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First delivered to London Travelin as part of a seven-coach order..

The Moseley group has delivered the first 13.5m, two-axle VDL Futura FHD2-135 to a UK buyer. It was supplied to London Travelin by Moseley (PCV) as part of a seven-strong order for Futura 2 coaches, of which two will be maximum-length twin-axle variants.

A handful of other FHD2-135s are on order for other customers and Moseley in the South shortly expects to receive a stock example.

The London Travelin coach has 61 seats and a centre sunken toilet. The FHD2-135 is certified at a gross weight of 19,000kg, and when fully loaded it has a 600kg luggage carrying capacity within a bay that is in excess of 12m3.

“As a group we expect to supply around six FHD2-135s per year. It’s not a model for every operator, but London Travelin has found that for a coach of its size, it is highly manoeuvrable,” says Moseley (PCV) Managing Director Tim Fairless. Turning circle is 23.48m.

Mr Fairless anticipates that subject to demand, one 13.5m FHD2s will likely be kept in stock by the group for much of the time. There is no option to increase seating above 61, even if the toilet is de-specified.

The FHD2-135 is powered by DAF’s MX-11 engine and both the ZF AS-Tronic automated manual and EcoLife automatic gearboxes are available. The AS-Tronic will be replaced by the improved Traxon in production coaches shortly.

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