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Britain - itineraries

The tour is a longer one, but like with all our tours parts of it could be used and combined with other itineraries to make a unique experience. There could be several variations, please contact us for suggestions.

Touring bus

Day 1:

Arrival to London, during a short panoramic tour get the feel of this modern metropolis and also some information on its history focusing on the Roman times.

Day 2:

Leave London for Colchester, once called Camulodunum, which was an important British royal site, and became first a fort, then a Roman town of great importance with the earliest Roman town wall in Britain. Visit the Gosbecks area, see the remnants of the town walls, visit the Roman burial mound and most importantly the Castle Museum with its fine collection of Roman objects. Continue to the Coventry area for overnight.

Day 3:

In the morning visit The Lunt Roman fort in Baginton, being the most extensive reconstruction of a Roman Fort in Britain, then continue to Lincoln for a short walk to see the remains of the Roman walls and then to York for overnight.

Day 4:

Have a walk in York before leaving for the North. York owes its origins to the legendary Ninth Legion that has built a fortress here in 71. You can see remnants of the stone fortress that was built in the 2nd century and also in the undercroft of the minster, remains of the basilica. The Yorkshire Museum is also worth a visit. In the afternoon drive to the Newcastle area for overnight.

Day 5:

Have a day trip to Hadrian's Wall and visit some of the forts there. We could suggest the following, probably two of these would be just fine, but it depends on how keen you are on the forts and information or Roman army life.

Vinolanda (possible with the Army Museum), Chesters (Cilurnum), Housesteads (Brocovicio)

On the way to Hadrian's Wall you can visit Corbridge (Corstopitum) to see the remnants of the Roman town.

Day 6:

In the morning visit Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum in South Shields, that is by Newcastle. The fort has been built at around 160 AD and most parts have been reconstructed to its former glory.

Then continue to Carlisle for overnight.

On the way, if you'd like to you could visit one more fort on Hadrian's Wall, Birdoswald (Banna).

Day 7:

In the morning have a short sightseeing in Carlisle focusing on the Roman times and also visit the Tullie House Museum first of all for its Roman collection.

In the afternoon continue to Chester, overnight in the area.

Day 8:

Have a walk in Chester (Deva) and visit the Grosvenor Museum, then continue to the South, visit Wroxeter (Viroconium was the fourth largest city in Roman Britain) and then to the Cheltenham area for overnight.

Day 9:

Have a day trip to Caerleon (Isca) in Wales - National Roman Legion Museum, Roman Bath Museum and then visit the Chedworth Roman Villa to get more familiar with everyday life in a Roman household.

Day 10:

This day we'd suggest another day trip, to Cirencester to visit the Corinium Museum and to Bath to visit the Roman Baths.

Day 11:

Continue to Reading to visit the Museum, the Silchester Collection, that consists of a wealth of items from the Roman town of Calleva.

Continue to St Albans to visit the Verulamium Museum being on the site of one of the major cities in Roman Britain and is a museum of everyday life in Roman Britain.

Overnight in London

Day 12:

Spend in London, relax, or visit the Museum of London for further information on Roman Britain.

13th day:

Departure, have a save journey home and look forward to seeing you soon!

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