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Welcome to Britain? Meet and Greet

London Travel-in Meet and Greet

UKs capital is a huge city and always proof a rude maze for first time visitors. For this and more reasons London travel in offers options for your convenience. Regardless of the airport you used to jet in, we will be happy to help you reach your destination.

Major Airports in London

Meeting and Greeting

The huge London traffic is best served by the 6 main airports within London. On a daily basis millions of passengers transit through these airports. London travel in will be happy to take you to/from the airports with expediency. Our services are available in the following airports.

Where to find the Driver

Each and every airport listed above has specific meeting points. Our drivers are always there on time before you arrive. Where to find the drivers;

  • Heathrow Airport – Heathrow Airport has 5 operational termini. At the front of the airports information desk you will always spot our driver waving our company’s signboard that has your name on it. Meet London travel in drivers from whatever terminal in Heathrow airport. Whether on terminal 1, terminal 2, terminal 3, terminal 4 or terminal 5, you will always see our driver waiting for you with your name on a board.

  • Gatwick airport meeting points – unlike Heathrow airport, Gatwick has only two terminals (North and South). Immediately after leaving the airports information desk gates, you will see a driver waiting for you. The London travel in driver will be raising a plank that has your names on it.

  • London city airport - This is arguably the most convenient airport in London. It is located a stone throw away from canary wharf. Our driver will be there on the arrival terminal waiting you.

  • Stansted airport - this airport has 1 main terminal and one arrival entrance. When you come out from arrival gate, you will spot our driver with your name sign standing there.

  • Luton airport - if you flew in through Luton; after leaving the information desk just by the exit gate, you will see a driver holding a card with your name on it. Walk towards the driver and let your adventures in London begin.

  • Trust London travel in for the best hire services. We have a collection of vehicles (3 to 85 seats) that come designed to suit your travel needs. To add onto this, our drivers get regular training and are DBS tested.


Get the best coach services in London. Our fleet is modern and come fitted in with modern entertainment features, panoramic mirrors and exotic leather interior. Our private coach services are of 2 main types;

Why Us

We offer the best hire services at competitive market rates. Easy booking, easy pay, 24-hour service. These and more are reasons to call us today.


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